• A number of internet providers in Indonesia, are competing to provide fast and affordable internet services.

    Likewise with Smartfren, which is currently one of the major internet providers in Indonesia.


    Smartfren previously worked on the CDMA network, but now the provider is already available on the GSM network. So that it can be used in a variety of GSM smartphones.

    With the presence of Smartfren in the GSM network, this cellular provider automatically becomes a competitor to other providers who are already big.

     harga paket smartfren

    This internet provider offers various types of attractive internet packages.

    There are various internet service packages, ranging from daily, weekly to monthly.


    Price List of Smartfren Internet Packages

    Smartphone users are currently dominated to stream video or audio, so a large amount of quota is needed.


    Therefore, Smartfren provides various types of Smartfren internet packages with an abundant amount of quota, but at a more affordable price.


    For those of you who are curious about the latest Smartfren package list, please refer to the following list.

     Here's the Price List of the Smartfren Package

    2.5 GB Internet Package (IDR 5,000)

    24 Hours Quota 0.5 GB

    1.5GB Night Quota

    0.5 GB Chat Quota

    Validity Period 3 Days


    4 GB Internet Package (IDR 10,000)

    24 Hours Quota 1.25 GB

    1.75GB Night Quota

    1 GB Chat Quota

    Validity Period 7 Days


    6 GB Internet Package (Rp20,000)

    24 Hours Quota 2 GB

    3GB Night Quota

    1 GB Chat Quota

    Validity Period 30 Days


    10 GB Internet Package (Rp. 30,000)

    24 Hours Quota 4 GB

    4GB Night Quota

    Chat 2GB quota

    Validity Period 30 Days


    16 GB Internet Package (Rp. 40,000)

    24 Hours Quota 6 GB

    8GB Night Quota

    Chat 2GB quota

    Validity Period 30 Days


    30 GB Internet Package (Rp. 60,000)

    24 Hours Quota 10 GB

    20GB Quota Night

    Free Hooq 30 Days

    Validity Period 30 Days


    60 GB Internet Package (Rp 100,000)

    24 Hours Quota 20 GB

    40 GB Night Quota

    Free Hooq and 30 Days Smart Music

    Validity Period 30 Days


    90 GB Internet Package (Rp150,000)

    24 Hours Quota 30 GB

    60 GB Night Quota

    Free Hooq and 30 Days Smart Music

    Validity Period 30 Days


    That's a list of smartfren internet packages. You can choose which internet package works best for you.


    Source: Paket internet smartfren

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  • While this is OSO being the sole candidate for Ketum Hanura


     People's Conscience Party will hold the Third National Conference.  One of the agenda is to elect a new chairman.


     Chairman of the Hanura III National Conference Implementation Committee Benny Rhamdani said, currently there is only one name that appears as a candidate for the General Chairman of the Hanura Party in the 2019-2024 period.  The name is Oesman Sapta Odang (OSO).


     "If you look at political developments in Rapimda, one name appears, namely Mr Oesman Sapta Odang," Benny said in Jakarta, Monday (16/12).


     Nevertheless, Benny did not want to assume.  He also could not confirm whether OSO would be chosen by acclamation.


     According to him, still have to see developments that occur related to the new candidate name Hanura Ketum.  Moreover, the 3rd Hanura National Conference will be held on December 17-19, 2019.


     "But what is clear is that the requirement for someone to be declared as a candidate for the general chair at the National Assembly of the Hanura party must have the support of at least 30 percent of the votes," he said.


     Actually, the new Hanura III National Conference will be held in February 2020. However, they accelerated the National Conference after receiving various aspirations from party members.

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  • Dovizioso: Marquez Made the 2019 MotoGP Go Strange

    Marc Marquez is considered to make the 2019 MotoGP race run strange.

    This is due to the madness of the Repsol Honda racer ~ Medcom.

     This was conveyed by Ducati driver Andrea Dovizioso.  He said something was different from the 2019 MotoGP because of Marquez's madness.

    Baby Alien

     That madness was the success of The Baby Alien who set record points and led Repsol Honda to win all the titles.

     "This season Honda and Marc are doing something crazy," said Dovizioso.

     That made Dovi unable to protest because he was only able to occupy the runner-up position in MotoGP 2019.

    He said, all parties must be realistic if they see what Marquez has made.

     At the start of the season, Dovi had hoped to become the strongest racer pair with Danilo Petrucci.

    However, all of that vanished before Marquez who appeared crazy.

     "This season Marc did something crazy and I don't think anyone expected that," he stressed.

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