• Recommended Best Indonesian Horror Films

    Horror films are loved by film lovers. Because films with this genre often present tension, which makes the adrenaline of the audience encouraged.

    For penoton who are happy with the adrenaline runway, of course a horror movie can satisfy their desires. But of course the horror films must be quality, not just shock the audience.

    Horror genre films must have a clear story line, not just make people surprised, and only lead to ghosts and strange events.

    Latest Best Indonesian Horror Films

    film horor indonesia terbaik

    Lately, the horror film industry in Indonesia has indeed begun to develop. Different from before, which only shows sexy actresses and unclear ghosts.

    During 2019, there were a number of the latest Indonesian horror film titles, which had a good and not cheap storyline.

    For those of you who want to know the best 2019 Indonesian horror films, please refer to the following information.

    1. Danur 3

    Danur 3 is a follow-up film from Danur 1 and Danur 2 Maddah. The film is still starring Prilly Latuconsina, who plays Risa.

    In this film Risa has begun to grow up, and she wants to decide to close her inner eyes, so that she can live normally like other humans.

    But after he closed his inner eyes, there were many strange things that happened.

    There's even an evil female ghost, who terrorizes herself and wants to harm her.

    2. Satan's Devotion

    The film, entitled Devoted to Satan, has actually been shown around the 80s.

    Then this horror film was remade again, and again appointed to the big screen, and worked on by director Joko Anwar.

    This film tells the story of the family, which was left by his mother, then the father decided to work outside the city, and leave his children.

    Shortly after the father left, the children then felt that the mother was back at home.

    The mother returned not only for her children, but also wanted to pick them up.

    3. Woman of the Evil Land

    Wanita Tanah Jahanam is the second film directed by Joko Anwar, after successfully working on the film Devils in 2017.

    The film tells the story of two Maya City women (Tara Basro) and Dini (Marissa Anita), who go to a remote village.

    According to information, he said in the village there is a legacy from their relatives.

    The arrival of Maya and Dini was already awaited by the villagers, who wanted to kill both of them, to remove the curse that befell the village.

    Those are some of the best film horor Indonesia, which you must watch.

    But remember, if you want to watch the films above, make sure not to watch alone.

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