• Allergy is a health disorder that is quite often experienced by people in various parts of the world.

    These health problems can be caused by many things, such as dust, food, and even the weather.

    The reactions caused when you have allergies also vary, there are only appearing rashes on the skin, itching or sneezing.

    In conditions that are still fairly safe, the actual reactions caused by allergies can disappear on their own without special treatment.

    But if the allergic reaction caused can threaten a person's health, then the patient should be immediately taken to the doctor to get help.

    The Most Common Types of Allergies

    There are quite a number of different types of allergies, and the reactions they cause are not always the same.

    Sometimes different individuals, it will also be different reactions caused when attacked by allergies.

    macam macam alergi

    As for some of the most common types of allergies that occur and are experienced by a person, including:

    Medicine Allergy

    Allergy to drugs is also quite often experienced by someone.

    Because there are several types of drugs that can indeed cause allergic reactions, against people who consume them.

    The types of drugs that can cause allergies include antibiotics, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, cancer chemotherapy drugs, and many more.

    The reactions often caused by drug allergies are rashes on the skin, itching, fever, swelling, wheezing breaths, runny eyes, runny nose, coughing, fever, and shortness of breath.

    Food Allergy

    Food allergies are a type of allergy that is quite common, and many people experience it.

    This type of allergy is caused by several types of food, usually caused by foods that are high in protein content.

    Examples are seafood or seafood allergies, or allergic to certain fruits.

    Dust Allergy

    Dust allergy is a type of allergic that is quite disturbing. Because it can afflict sufferers anywhere and anytime.

    Because the dust itself can alight anywhere, so people who suffer from dust allergies are very susceptible to reaction anywhere.

    Usually the reaction caused by this allergy is the appearance of rashes on the skin, itching and sneezing.

    That is the most common jenis jenis alergi, and affects quite a lot of people around the world.

    If the reaction is fatal, patients should be given immediate medical help.

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  • At this time the smartphone is able to process various files, such as document files, audio, video and also images.

    Besides being able to capture moments with photo and video cameras, now smartphones are also equipped with many features to edit photos or videos.

    There are a number of smartphones that are equipped with a built-in photo editor feature, but some are not included in the image processing feature.

    Photo Editing Application on Smartphone

    aplikasi edit foto android dan ios

    Just like on a desktop PC, we can now edit photos only through smartphones. Of course, additional applications are needed if your smartphone is not equipped with a default photo editing application.

    Android and iOS photo editor application, can be downloaded for free through the Play Store or the App Store.

    As for those of you who want to download the aplikasi edit foto android on a smartphone, here are the recommendations for you.

    1. Adobe Photoshop Express

    Who does not know Adobe Photoshop?

    Now the image processing application is available for the mobile platform, with the name Adobe Photoshop Express.

    But the features offered by this application are not as complete as the PC version of Adobe Photoshop.

    Even so, this photo editing application presents features of photo filters, effects, and noise reduction to reduce spots on the photos.

    2. PicsArt

    The next Android photo editing application is PicsAr, which is also available on Play Store and App Store for free.

    This application also offers a variety of features for photo editing, such as several choices of effects, filters, crop, collage and many others.

    3. Snapseed

    Snapseed is an application for editing photos on smartphones, developed and published by Google.

    This application can be downloaded for free, and is used freely by users. Because this application is free, and does not display advertisements.

    Snapseed offers cool features like crop, tune image, tonal contrast and vignette.

    4. Adobe Lightroom

    In addition to Photoshop Express, Adobe also has another photo editing application, namely Adobe Lightroom.

    This application can make color photos taken using a cell phone camera, become more lively and dramatic.

    You can adjust contrast, saturation, brightness and color tones, to make photo colors more dramatic.

    Those are some photo editing applications on Android or iOS smartphones, which you can download for free on the Play Store and App Store.

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  • Horror films are loved by film lovers. Because films with this genre often present tension, which makes the adrenaline of the audience encouraged.

    For penoton who are happy with the adrenaline runway, of course a horror movie can satisfy their desires. But of course the horror films must be quality, not just shock the audience.

    Horror genre films must have a clear story line, not just make people surprised, and only lead to ghosts and strange events.

    Latest Best Indonesian Horror Films

    film horor indonesia terbaik

    Lately, the horror film industry in Indonesia has indeed begun to develop. Different from before, which only shows sexy actresses and unclear ghosts.

    During 2019, there were a number of the latest Indonesian horror film titles, which had a good and not cheap storyline.

    For those of you who want to know the best 2019 Indonesian horror films, please refer to the following information.

    1. Danur 3

    Danur 3 is a follow-up film from Danur 1 and Danur 2 Maddah. The film is still starring Prilly Latuconsina, who plays Risa.

    In this film Risa has begun to grow up, and she wants to decide to close her inner eyes, so that she can live normally like other humans.

    But after he closed his inner eyes, there were many strange things that happened.

    There's even an evil female ghost, who terrorizes herself and wants to harm her.

    2. Satan's Devotion

    The film, entitled Devoted to Satan, has actually been shown around the 80s.

    Then this horror film was remade again, and again appointed to the big screen, and worked on by director Joko Anwar.

    This film tells the story of the family, which was left by his mother, then the father decided to work outside the city, and leave his children.

    Shortly after the father left, the children then felt that the mother was back at home.

    The mother returned not only for her children, but also wanted to pick them up.

    3. Woman of the Evil Land

    Wanita Tanah Jahanam is the second film directed by Joko Anwar, after successfully working on the film Devils in 2017.

    The film tells the story of two Maya City women (Tara Basro) and Dini (Marissa Anita), who go to a remote village.

    According to information, he said in the village there is a legacy from their relatives.

    The arrival of Maya and Dini was already awaited by the villagers, who wanted to kill both of them, to remove the curse that befell the village.

    Those are some of the best film horor Indonesia, which you must watch.

    But remember, if you want to watch the films above, make sure not to watch alone.

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  • Lately, a lot of new Korean drama titles have sprung up, which are interesting to watch.

    Like Vagabound which has previously aired, and the season is over.

    This Korean drama is much liked by the audience, because the storyline is mysterious and difficult to guess, and full of tense action scenes.

    The Latest Korean Drama in 2020

    Drama Korea Terbaru 2020

    Indeed, not all Korean drama titles are liked by many people, but there are some recent Korean dramas that have attracted much public attention.

    As for a number of Korean dramas that have aired and are well liked, Goblin, Dr. Romantic and Boys Before Flowers.

    But recently there have also been a number of drama korea terbaru 2020 titles that are currently airing and will be airing.

    Some of the latest dramas have also been anticipated by drakor lovers.

    What are the latest Drakor 2020 titles?

    Let's look at the complete information below.

    1. Dr. Romantic 2

    This drama is a continuation of the drama titled Dr. Romantic Master Kim Season 1.

    This Korean drama tells about life in the medical world, starting from his daily work, to the various conflicts that are often experienced in the medical world.

    With a background in a small hospital called Dol Dam Hospital, Dr. Romantic 2 comes with 32 episodes.

    2. Money Game

    Money Game is the latest Korean drama, which tells the story of the South Korean economy, which is overshadowed by the economic crisis in the country.

    This drama illustrates the condition of large banks owned by South Korea, which is on the verge of bankruptcy.

    The main characters in this drama have to work hard, to prevent the bankruptcy of big banks, which can trigger economic crisis in South Korea, as it did in 19197.

    3. Crash Landing on You

    Crash Landing on You "tells the love story between the heir to the throne and well-known fashion businessman in South Korea, Yun Se-ri (Son Ye-jin), and North Korean military soldier Ri Jeong-hyeok (Hyun Bin).

    While playing paragliding, Yun Se-ri falls on the border between South Korea and North Korea, which is then helped by Ri Jeong-hyeok.

    Ri Jeong-hyeok tried to hide Yun Se-ri, from a search carried out by the North Korean government, because it was deemed to have entered the North Korean territory illegally

    Unexpectedly, it turns out that Yun Se-ri and Ri Jeong-hyeok fell in love.

    For lovers of Korean dramas, it's a good idea to witness for yourself how exciting the latest Korean drama 2020 is.

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  • Indian films or commonly known as Bollywood, are increasingly being liked by the public.

    The special effects and packaging of Indian films today are much better and more modern.

    In addition, one of the things that made the audience happy watching Indian films, was the presence of dances accompanied by solemn Indian songs.

    So, the audience can enjoy Indian songs while watching these Bollywood films.

    Best Indian Film Application

    Aplikasi nonton film India

    Bollywood films are widely loved by various groups, ranging from teenagers, to adults.

    Indian films also have different genres, ranging from drama, comedy, action, to romance.

    In the past, to watch a variety of Indian films, they had to wait in the cinema or on television. Now Bollywood films can be watched online, of course by using the Indian movie watching application.

    For Bollywood lovers, now you can watch your favorite films through the following Indian film applications.

    1. Indian Cinema

    Indian Cinema is a Bollywood movie watching application, which can be downloaded for free on the Play Store.

    This application provides many Bollywood movie titles with various genres, such as action, romance and comedy.

    Indian films in this application, already equipped with Indonesian subtitles, to facilitate the audience.

    2. Eros Now

    Next there is an application called Eros Now. This application is similar to other movie streaming applications, which are currently widely circulated.

    However, every film in this application is not provided free, but is paid or rented.

    Although paid, but the video quality offered by Eros Now is fairly good.

    3. Bollywood Channel

    Bollywood Channel includes a free Indian movie watching application, which is available for free on the Play Store.

    Every movie title in this application is already equipped with Indonesian subtitles. So this application is perfect for Bollywod movie lovers in Indonesia.

    Those are some aplikasi nonton film India with Indonesian subtitles.

    You can download the Indian film application for free on the Google Play Store.

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